My Family

My Family

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ode to a Summer Evening

Bare feet skip, reveling as wet, moist earth kisses each toe.
Senses revive, strengthened by sweet, fresh air, recently cleansed by a summer thunderstorm.
Wonder ensues as a beloved pet chases a tarantula out of it's home.
There is jumping, flipping, dancing happiness to be found on the trampoline.
Splashes and giggles can be heard at every puddle in the yard as rocks are thrown into the fresh-formed water holes.
Swing-set "monkey bars" prove to be enticing, even at age 9.
Webkinz find new adventures in the fading light...watched over by careful owners, "aunts" and "uncles". Sunset is met with a pleasant, cool breeze, making the hour outside a joyously refreshing one.
Summer...stay...stretch your reach and linger with us for just a little longer.
You are full of memories already.


bec said...

You are such a talented writer & poet!! Thank you for sharing - it caused nostalgia to sweep over me of our own summer days & evenings at grandma & grandpa's. Summer really does belong to children, doesn't it? : )

Susan said...

That was beautiful. You should publish more of your writings.