My Family

My Family

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Catching Up

Things have been chaotic lately around here...
Between birthdays (coming up on the 4th one in the past 5 weeks), bandwidth issues on the computer and prepping for family vacation, there has been little time to blog.
Here's a few catch-up photos from the past couple of weeks.

The first of 2 teeth lost in 2 days time. Pat is always the tooth puller in our family, so these are the first 2 teeth that I have helped pull. Eeewwww. (That smile on Thomas is cute though, huh?)
We were near a little park (now called "Parade Park" by my children) for the 4th of July parade. It made for a really nice diversion from the LONG parade (and the HOT sun).
One of my favorite photos of the day. Little Isaac was a charmer all day long.

My monkey, Nathan. Standing, waiting as the flag was approaching. (Not quite close enough for hands on hearts yet.)
I was so glad I remembered to get someone to snap a family picture (Dad and Stephen were still at Scout Camp). We loved our Fourth of July...and I felt like we really focused on the meaning of the day.


Jamie said...

They are growing up to fast Kristine!!! Lucky is turning into a little boy! I remember Mischa's first lost tooth last year and how excited she was to finally contribute to the lost tooth bulletin board in her class (after 2 years of not being able to).

kodiak73 said...

Good pictures. I share Jamie's amazement that Lucky is that old already. So my bro abandoned you on Independence Day? I guess you can't get much more patriotic than the Boy Scouts of America... That was also the week I went to scout camp with the kids when I was still in Silver. I guess they have kept that tradition. Which camp did they go to this year?

LDSteenager said...

I still have one more darn baby tooth! And as soon as I loose it and the new one growns in I get braces. Yeah! (NOT!)