My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Dear Pat,

It was 15 years ago (yesterday) that you and I arrived at the temple, ready to start our life together.
Our wedding day.
While we were optimistic, we didn't know what joys and triumphs we would create in our new life together.
Neither of us knew of the trials, the disappointments and struggles that we would encounter as we forged our own path.

Looking backward, it seems almost dreamlike...everything blurs...amid the chaos that 7 children have brought into our lives.
I remember each struggle, each loss, each surgery I endured to make it possible to bring the children that we have into the world.
I (of course) remember each birth, and I am sure you do too.
How grateful I am that you were there next to me with a loving hand to hold, and strong arms to hold me up through the hours and days that we were told we would never have children (or that we would just have one, or just two).
I am grateful for the photos, the snapshots of our hearts, and the digital downloads that have captured moments, both poignant and mudane.
These are the moments that define our lives...our life.

We are not rich in the things of the world, but when it comes to having loving arms to hug and hold us, we have more than most.
We have learned, together, so many things...and we are still learning, daily, hourly...and sharing with each other.

I am ever grateful for the choice I made to spend my life with you...and for the choice you and I both make on a daily basis to make our relationship grow and become stronger, rather than wilt and fade away.
It's not the big things that make that difference, it's the little things, like overlooking a late dinner, forgetting about the socks on the floor, and all of the other oddities and inconsistencies we both have, that, if we allowed them to, would drive wedges into our hearts and our relationship.
It's the finding time for walks late at night, the phone calls in the middle of the day just to talk, and the iPods and the stamping that make our love live and grow.

Thank you for loving God first and living your life in a way that allows others to come to know Him.
Thank you for providing for our family, and enjoying the journey with me.
Thank you for being my best friend.



kodiak73 said...

I guess I loose the bet that my bro could find anyone to put up with him for an entire 15 years. Another 3-4 years and you'll have me beat! As his twin I can't give him credit for too much but at least he made one good decision 15 years ago...

Amy said...

You just made me cry. How sweet. Happy Anniversary you guys. Hope you do something fun. Have a great day.

Rachel said...

What a beautiful tribute to your husband! I am happy to hear how happy you are! You looked absolutely beautiful on your wedding day too! Congrats!

My Full Hands said...

I hope you don't mind me popping back in after an absence of, uh, three years. Glad you're still blogging. Have a wonderful anniversary.

Jamie said...

Happy Anniversary! Those John boys sure can pick'em, can't they?

Anonymous said...

You two are so honkin' cute! Happy 15! I love and miss ya!

Gabriela said...

What a sweet post.

Happy Anniversary!

mindy said...

hi kristine
rachel told me about your blog. you have a beautiful family. where are you in new mexico? anyway, hope to see you at the 20 year reunion. i am giong to link you on my blog and sharilyn t. just sent me her blog link. do you happen to know where julie p. is these days?

mindy said...

i will keep you in the loop, can you send your email, phone # and mailing address to my email at so we can update our address spreadsheet. also, can you email me the names of your cute kids. i am seeing their nicknames only in blog posts (i think at least). grow your hair! i love mine short.

Candace said...

What a beautiful tribute to your life together! Happy Anniversary!