My Family

My Family

Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend Ahead!

Pat and Stephen are headed on the Scout campout...I am grateful for a husband that wants to fulfill his calling (as Scoutmaster), although I will miss him for the next 24 hours. Many times when Daddy is gone, we get a good kids movie, pop up some popcorn and kick back for the evening. Tonight, we'll be watching the newly released Barbie movie...The Island Princess.
I know my girls will love it...and we'll see what the 2 older boys think.
I also grabbed a Backyardigans movie as I was at the video store (should we call it the DVD store now?), so that should appease them if they really dislike the "girls" movie.
I'm looking forward to a date with my husband tomorrow night...and church on Sunday has no major responsibilities for us this week...
All told, it should be a very good weekend.

I hope to be back to my thoughtful, engaging blogging soon rather than just the ever so interesting(?) going-ons of my family.
It seems that pregnancy and the postpartum period has sucked much of the lively witticisms out of me...
Here's hoping I can discover some wit somewhere soon.


Half Tempted said...

I have a 7 year old girl, and trust me it's not the pregnancy or post-partum that has sucked the wit out of you . . . it's Barbie the Island Princess. I just sat through the 12 Dancing Princesses again . . . and I'm witless too. ;)

Jamie said...

Just don't get the new Sleeping Beauty/Jasmine enchanted princess one. That was just a rehash of the other "new" Disney princess compilations.

SalGal said...

I really like the posts you've been putting up! I love to hear about your family. I guess I should write about mine more, I just have been... not "with it" since the whole bipolar regime thing started.

Keep it up!