My Family

My Family

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Can you see why?

When you also factor into the mix THIS book

and a trip to the doctor following a gall bladder attack (ouch!), and all of the subsequent tests he wanted to run to eliminate any possibility that what I was dealing with was a lung clot, it's been a fairly fun (see above) and crazy week and a half.

I'm also preparing for a Stampin' Up party on first since Isaac was born..., have my 6 week postpartum check today and I have parent teacher conferences for all 5 school kids tomorrow and Friday.
No school for the older kids due to said conferences, so that makes it easier schedule wise. (No working to get all five children ready and out the door on time for 3 days!)
By Saturday night, I'll be ready for that Sunday "day of rest".


bec said...

Lucky's getting so big!! He reminds me a LOT of Angel Face in the second picture. Thanks for posting pictures - it's great to see him growing and changing.

& ahhhh...Twilight. Both my roommates have LOVED those books. Enjoy!!!

SalGal said...

I can't believe how fast he's growing!! Wow...

Let me know how you like the book. I think the most recent is my favorite!

Papa J said...

Wa! Nĭde zī hŏu xiaò! And what a cutie too.

MEJ said...

I just finished reading Twilight last night around midnight, after watching BYU lose to Tulsa. I should've gone to bed, but I couldn't stop reading. I started New Moon today, and I'm loving it too.