My Family

My Family

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Grocery Shopping Discovery

I've posted in the past about how unexciting and difficult it is for me to go grocery shopping.
I try to do the majority of my shopping for 2 weeks at one time, and that means an overflowing shopping cart and at least 2 solid hours for me at the store.
With 8 of us eating and drinking solid food, it takes careful planning to make sure that we have what we need and I am not making "emergency" trips to the store.

A little while ago, I saw an acquaintance with her 2 children at the store, each with a basket in front of them.
I commented, somewhat jokingly about them needing 3 carts, and she said, "We spilt the shopping list up."
We chatted just a couple more minutes, but that part of the conversation left enough of an impression on me that I mentioned it to my husband that night as we talked.
His reply?
"That's exactly what my mom had us do when I was growing up!"

I hadn't committed to trying it yet, but yesterday Pat pulled our grocery list up on the computer and split it into 3 parts.
Stephen, Emily, and Nathan headed off in the local Valdemart armed with their list...they each had chosen a job (their idea)...Stephen checked off what they put in the cart, Emily pushed the cart, and Nathan got the items from the shelves.
Pat had a list and I had a list as well.
Thomas and Isaac went with Pat and Thomas read the grocery list to him, and Bekah and Sam went with me and Bekah helped pull things off of the shelves.

The end result?
2 weeks of shopping done in 50 minutes.
A mom that was NOT exhausted and frustrated after a LENGTHY shopping trip, and a sense of empowerment on the kids part that made them feel that they are an important part of our family.
It was wonderful.

Thanks to a husband who makes things work, and to his parents for showing him a wonderful example of raising a large family.
Granted, I'm sure I missed some "bargains" and the ounce per ounce cost may have been a little more on some items as others chose what went in the cart, but I think those few dollars were well spent in saving mom a little sanity.
We'll definitely be doing that again.


karina said...

Yeah! Mom doesn't have the truck load odf kids anympre, so she soen't have the insanity as much as you, but with your big family it is a great idea! Good for you!

Corki Ann said...

Isn't it great to split up the list. I started doing that a few months ago, and it is so nice! We have not Wal-Mart here, and I am about to go crazy! But we have WinCo Foods-but you have to bag and load your own groceries! I couldn't do that on my own at the pace I need to, so it is nice to have all of us go and split up the list. Fun fun!

Kor said...

you rock!
You sure do deserve that P of yours.
Love you.

Papa J said...

With a little more work on the spreadsheet we could even take advantage of the good sales. Our kids are semi-literate after all.

Gabriela said...

Wow-good job!!! Going to the store with my 4 is something out of my worst nightmare. maybe we'll have to try this with one or two of them.

SalGal said...

I thank God every Wednesday (my designated shopping day) that my children are all in school! This sounds like a fantastic plan for your family, though!

RyanAZ said...

I can't believe you guys have a deacon now. Man you are old. ;)

If you would like access to Deanna's blog, please drop me an email. my address is ryan at ryanaz dotcom.

Kari said...

I've not yet been brave enough to do that. Kudos to you for doing it and exciting that it worked so well!!

Real said...

I've always wondered how people work this. Because there are so many decisions I make at the last moment? Like if you send your kids to go get mac and cheese, do they know how to do the math to figure out which is the best price? Or if you send them for 4 cans of cream of chicken soup, but they are on sale 4/$1 do they know to pick up 20 instead?