My Family

My Family

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I'm now into my second week with Bekah being gone all day.
It's amazing to see how much one child fills up so much of your day...especially when you feel their absence so acutely.
Bekah is a talker, and a rejoicer in life and little things.
She's very social, and enjoys people and DOING things.
There was rarely any down time with her home...although she did nap up until mid-summer.
Is it any wonder?
She lives life to the fullest, and therefore needs the rest more so than most other children I know.
It truly has been a transition for me.
Yesterday in fact, both Isaac and Sam napped at the same time for about an hour and a half.
I felt like I had snuck away from my mothering responsibilities, and actually had to convince myself that there was to be no guilt attached to such a nice occurance.
In fact, I made a mental note that now that I am not napping (of necessity due to a pregnancy-tired body), that I needed to work to get Isaac napping on a schedule.
It's heavenly to have a few minutes to myself...and actually get things I want to do done.
That part may help this not be too difficult of a transition to make.

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SalGal said...

I used to feel guilty about having free time like that, but not so much any more. As Dr. Screechbag (a.k.a. Dr. Laura) says, "Guilt means you did something wrong. You haven't done anything wrong!" Unless, of course, you have and then that's a whole 'nother situation.

Enjoy the quiet and "improve the shining moments!"