My Family

My Family

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Multitude of Thanks!

Thanks to Auntie Susan and her mom, Ruby who came over to see Isaac within the first week of his life. Susan spent a lot of her visit shuttling the baby and I to Dr. appointments, just to make sure all was well with Isaac! We actually made one run in a HUGE downpour...quite the adventure!

Auntie Becca spent 5 days here helping me. It was heavenly to have my sister here for that long....(and hey! she didn't get a sore throat on the way home the way she normally does.)
Grandma Jennie helped so much...from the middle of July until August 7th. She was amazing during the delivery. It was a blessing I cannot describe to have a mother willing to come and help with whatever needs to be done...especially when it is baby #7. you see that face??? We LOVED the Dilly Bars (a whole dozen!), and the run you made for lunch goodies at Costco was such a blessing. You also are talking Stampin' Up! products upto other people, and I'm getting calls for product! You rock!

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