My Family

My Family

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kindergarten Cutie

Bekah had homework even before school began.
She had to draw her family in a house...(I always feel a bit sorry for my kids trying to fit their *large* family into the space given)...and did a very nice job of it.

Here she is outside of her classroom. Her two brothers just older than her had the same teacher (*Hi Mrs. Door!!*), and so she was sooo excited to start school, with no nervousness at all.
She sat down within just a few minutes and got right to work on a puzzle...and then saw I was taking a picture of her...
...and struck this pose just for me.
I will miss my little girly girl. She is a ray of sunshine...and will brighten that classroom well.


Karina said...

Lucy reminds me of some one, if you change all those she's and her's to he's and him's. Jacob had a great time in Kindergarten and I hope Lucky will have a wonderful year!

Gabriela said...

How cute! That's great that she's going without any fear.

It makes it a little easier as a mom.

Kari said...

She IS a cutie!! I have one in K this year too. Such a big step!!