My Family

My Family

Monday, July 02, 2007


Saturday afternoon my husband got home from a week away at Scout Camp.
He had been prepping me all week that when he got home, I needed to go out and spend some time with my friend Susan, who was here visiting for the weekend.
This is very typical, and it raised no suspicion whatsoever in my mind.
It was a little bit difficult to head out within about 10 minutes of him getting home, but with the intent of just heading to Wal-Mart, I put on a clean shirt and headed out with Susan.
She had requested that we go and look at "just one house" out by my friend Kristi's house...which is very much something that we do when she is here.
(She used to live here in our town 20 years ago and thinks about coming back on a regular basis.)
When we got out that way, she asked which house was Kristi's and said she needed to stop and ask her a question about the homes in the area...but the house looked empty to me.
All of the cars were away...and the drapes were pulled tight.
I was sure they had gone away for the weekend, and Susan would have no luck getting her questions answered.
Lo and behold, we knocked on the door, and within just a couple of minutes the door was thrown open and a group of friends were yelling "Surprise!"
It literally took me about 2 minutes (think long time) to process that they were yelling surprise for ME (and baby #7).
I couldn't even walk in the door...I was so embarrassed.
It is very difficult for me to be in the spotlight...and this was no exception...but my sweet friends did a marvelous job pulling off a very fun and cute shower for me and this expected baby.
We've now got a ton of diapers and wipes, quite a few blankets and crib sheets, and numerous onesies, along with socks and outfits...what a treat....
and so unexpected for baby #7.
So, even though it goes against my quiet nature in general, I must was a wonderful thing to be tricked into a special afternoon!

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Real said...

Yay!!! How fun and what wonderful friends! I love baby showers even though we have already had a ton of babies. I had one for my first and one for my third (first boy). And for the last baby I had a freezer meal shower (it was a surprise, too, but on the day it was scheduled, I went into labor, so they put it off for a month or two). I love people making a big deal when I'm pregnant.