My Family

My Family

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Funny, Isn't it?

(This picture taken at 36 weeks)
Everyone has decided that it is time to inform me that I now, officially, "look" pregnant.
While I try not to be to sarcastic in my replies, you would think that at 38+ weeks that one would not assume that I would look anything other than pregnant.

My eldest said the other night, somewhat apologetically, "Mom, I just have to say...(dare I say he inserted a pregnant pause here?) look REALLY, REALLY pregnant."
My reply to him?
"Stephen, I AM REALLY, REALLY pregnant!"

Presently waiting to pop.
Patiently, most of the time.
Official due date varies between July 31st-August 2nd.
Don't hold your breath yet.


RyanAZ said...

Hello from Phoenix, AZ.

I went to RHS with Pat, and was doing some blog surfing and ran into your Blog.

Looks/sounds like all is well with your family. Nice to see some pics of your practically grown-up kids.

Gabriela said...

Good luck with the last couple of weeks!!! You look great-and pregnant-just like you should!!

Julie & Mark said...

Hi Kristine,
Wow! You have a beautiful family! I have had fun reading through your blog. So, just a couple of weeks now until baby #7, you go girl! I'll be watching for the updates.