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My Family

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Climbing the Walls

Friday afternoon I was crabby...literally feeling like I was "climbing the walls" (a lot like Nathan up there) playing the waiting game for this baby.

So, I sat in my craft room and made card after card with all of the cardstock that was already cut in half.

Here are the results:
This card features paper piercing with a "classy brass" template to get the circles at the top of the card.
These next 3 are colors I don't usually work with, but since they were already cut, I used them. I also used some of my new stamps (a hostess set) that I got from my party on July 19th.
It was a fabulous party, and I earned LOTS of new stuff!
This was my first time using a "jumbo wheel", and I LOVE how easy it is to get a nice, finished card with it.
I'll be using it a lot.
I love the colors in this next one.
I used a "double rectangle punch" to make the holes to thread the ribbon through at the bottom.
I also love the silver brads and the sentiment on this one.
This card was already mostly put together.
My upline gave me a bunch of cardstock, and this card was partially finished.
I added the stamped image in the center and the ribbon and buckle, along with the sentiment at the bottom.
It's one I really love too.
This card uses one of my favorite new sets in the Stampin' Up catalog...called "Baroque Motifs". I worked with the "In Colors" and came up with this card.
I'm pleased with the results.
I cut so much paper for my workshop, that I had leftover cards to make after it was over. This is one I changed a little from the original that I showed.
This was close to the original that I showed at the workshop.
I was focusing on chipboard and two-step stamping.
Oh, yes! Finally, the thank you cards I made in large quantities...for after the birth of this baby.
Three colors, and a nice size that fits in a regular letter size envelope (2 3/4" (approx.) x 11").

So there you have a good run down of all of the creativity I have employed in the card department over the last few weeks.
It truly has helped me stay focused on something other than the impending birth...which is a good thing.
Do you have a favorite? Would you like to come stamp with me? I'd be happy to share my craft room with you....c'mon over!

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Heather said...

I like the 7th card best. The one that says "kind". I'd love to come scrap with you!!! That would be so fun. The climbing the walls picture is so cute. I have some just like it.