My Family

My Family

Sunday, April 14, 2013

On following

I'm reminded often that "The Lord is in the details".
From where we live to those whom we live near & interact with on a regular basis, our paths don't cross by chance, and our actions do not simply impact us alone.

I have wondered lately, as I have watched my father-in-law leave this world what impact I will have on the world around me.
It's not important to me to be known by many...but rather, I pray that those who did know me will be better for having associated with me.
If I can buoy others up, strengthen them in their weaknesses, and follow the path I feel the Lord has for me, it will be enough.

If I could dream large though, even for a minute or two:
I would love to write...more than I do.
I would love to be a motivational speaker, and strengthen & guide others on their life path.
I would love to serve a mission or two (or three).
I would love to raise my family in righteousness and watch my grandchildren grow up near me.
I would love to lose over 100 pounds and be able to do many things actively with my husband and family into my later years.
I would love to have an original card design published.

But most importantly, I would like to go to bed each night knowing that I had done what the Lord needed me to do...
following the still small voice that prompts me in His path & in His way.
And if my dreams don't come to fruition, ultimately, I will have the peace of knowing God knows the details that will bring me the most happiness and the most joy eternally.

And so...I trust.
And pray to hear His voice each day.
And follow.

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