My Family

My Family

Monday, April 01, 2013


Four and a half years ago I moved to a neighborhood where blogging was the norm...but with a new twist for me.
Everyone wanted to read my blog...about me...and my family...but they knew me in person too.
It freaked me out.
A lot.

I had lived in a town where most people didn't know or even really care what a blog was, and I had become very accustomed to the anonymous nature that I believed my blog afforded me.
While I love the nature of blogging, I felt that I couldn't honestly be myself within the new parameters that were drawn for me.

However, I think I've reached a point where I care more about blogging for myself and my posterity than I do about what others think about when they read what I write.
Which makes me laugh, because at this point, honestly, I might have one reader still with me.
So...again, I'll tell you I'm blogging....beginning today.

I've said that a lot.
I hope I can open my heart and bring myself back to the blog (which is right where I've belonged all along).


The Whatcott Fam said...

Well you're in my google reader, so I will read your posts, like it or not! :) Can't wait for more!

Erin said...

I look every now and again! :) I should be blogging myself! I enjoy all of your posts!