My Family

My Family

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Let's face it.  
Most of the time I want to be at home. 
Not that I utilize my time in amazingly productive ways, but I have routines that overall work and help me to feel like I have accomplished something in the name of housework or in the betterment of my family. 

This week I've been out of my home the past three mornings...and been gone into the sweet hours that constitute naptime at our house.
I consider myself to be extremely strict when it comes to naptime, simply because I am a beast without it my boys need it so badly. 
I don't like it (the being gone so much part...). 

On the other hand, I find today, a day where I have had "extra" time on my hands, I've not known how to direct myself.  
I keep expecting something to crop up, distract me from what I am doing, and be, you know, IMPORTANT. 

Oh, what I would give for the perspective to see the things that are critical in the eternal scheme of things and the DESIRE to do them. 

How do you gain that in your life? 

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marnee said...

Or, as I ask myself . . . when do the desire and the perspective get together. I feel I have both, sometimes, but often not in the same moment, which is what seems to mess me up.

As Alice sobbingly sings to the Cheshire Cat, "I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it."

I think perspective feeds desire and desire feeds perspective.