My Family

My Family

Friday, February 26, 2010


Tomorrow I go to my first writer's conference.
It conflicts with our Stake Relief Society conference, which, had I known before I paid for the writer's conference, I would have attended.
I don't particularly like those good, better, best decisions when they involve personal choice and accountability.  

I don't wonder if I'm attending the right conference.
I am at peace with my decision to go be with my writing sisters...
but I wonder...
what is my purpose in attending a writing conference when I struggle to find time to write?
What do I need to do to continue to find my story?
What would the Lord have me do with this talent that I feel so strongly about, but do so little with?
Is my job simply to be a vocal voice and strength to other writers around me?
am i, am I, AM I, truly to contribute something to the world through this writing, this passion, this calling, I feel compelled to (if nothing else) acknowledge?

I have no doubt the answers will come.
I just have to put myself in places where they will come without so much of a struggle.
Which is precisely why I will be at the ANWA conference all day tomorrow.

(Is burying this talent still optional?)


Sandy said...

You NEED to do something for you. This is the thing. Don't question it, just do it! Hope you enjoy the conference today. I was going to call you today, maybe tonight...

Marsha Ward said...

I am so glad you came to the ANWA Conference, Kristine! It was lovely to see you there.

Real said...

I tell you what. I attended a stake RS conference yesterday and one of the seminars i chose to go to was about writing. She encouraged us all to write that book we've been wanting to write. Even if it's just for ourselves. Then she told a story about attending a class where the teacher was talking about the importance of education and being articulate writers. And one mom said she was "just a mom" and so didn't need those skills. And then a young man from the back of the room stood up and told a story about a letter his mom had written him while he was in the war and how it had been scripture to him. She basically concluded the whole presentation saying that even if the only writing we do is in our journals, we should improve as much as we can because those will be cherished by later generations and can have the power to change theri lives, strengthen testimonies, build faith.

Anonymous said...

Someday you'll have the time to really use your talents, so all the practice, classes and writing will all pay off then! And all the other comments are right on.

bec said...

I love your writing, my sister!! It's powerful, sincere, and poignant. (Haha - remember when you wrote about me in your journal?!!) Keep up the great work!! And I love watching as you continue to discover your life mission - can't wait to read some of the stuff you will write! (It's NOT just stuff...I know you know I know that.) :)

johnsonteammom said...

You are an amazing woman, I'm so glad we could be friends and thanks for going to the conference with me, it just wouldn't have been the same without you.

marnee said...

Real and I either attended the same Stk Rlf conference, or someone I know attended the one she went to. Cause I've heard that story. Wierd!

And then I discover Real and I are old college friends, like Kristine and I. Wierder!

But, I wouldn't have found either of my long lost college friends if it hadn't been for their blogs.

And I'm so thankful that you write here . . . if no where else!

So happy to find you again!

Real said...

Marnee! I've been looking for you! Um...I didn't know you knew Kristine! lol