My Family

My Family

Monday, February 01, 2010

Do You or Don't You?

*Get frustrated with yourself when you make mistakes about money?  I do.
*Enjoy planning dinner?  I don't.
*Wish you had a way to communicate how much you miss certain people instantaneously?  I do.
*Debate with yourself (and change your mind) about what you should do during any given day?  I do.
*Get excited about gathering tax information together so that you can submit your taxes?  I do.
*Wish you understood the Lord's plan for your life?  I do.
*Get your laundry done in one day?  I don't.
*Look for positives amid the struggles?  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
*Want to sleep, uninterrupted for at least 8 hours one night?  I do.

What do you, or don't you?


marnee said...

Yes on the money mistakes.
No on the dinner planning enjoyment.
Yes on the instant communication (and it was SO NICE TO SEE YOU ON SATURDAY!)
Yes on the self debating, though much less than I used to.
Yes on the taxes thing.
Yes on divine inspiration.
BIG NO on the laundry.
Jokingly yes on the positive outlook - I think its sarcasm rather than optimism.
And Oh so YES on yearning for that elusive 8 hour uninterrupted bliss all mothers miss.

Also, I'd like to know if there is a dichotomy between D&C 130:21
and Moroni 7:35-37. Or do I just read too much into things? Or perhaps misunderstand them?

Sandy said...

I've been going to comment on this post since you put it up. It made me think these were the things pressing on your mind that day, true? Ok, here goes:
Yes to the money question
No on the dinner planning
Yes on the communication (I'm so bad on this one!)
Yes, yes, yes on the debating with myself
No on the taxes it's a hassle, but a relief when it's done
Yes on understanding His plan
Laundry in one day, no I tend to think of it as an ongoing project
Looking for positives - always, it's how I survive. And, I don't understand negativity at all - just not acceptable!
Sleep uninterrupted, yes I love to, but my brain doesn't let me rest.