My Family

My Family

Monday, March 30, 2009


Moving is hard.
It's not just the physical element of rearranging and finding places for everything, it's the new EVERYTHING.
I know it will get easier as time passes, but tonight I'm feeling a little extra displaced and out of my element.

(How's that for reality?)


Candace said...

I absolutely feel for you!! The transition stage is NOT fun! Making new friends, being comfortable with where everything is at, getting into a good daily's hard. Hang in there!

bec said...

There comes a point where all the big stuff has been put in its place and you're trying to empty all the rest of the boxes and find places for all the 'little insignificant' things that aren't used as often. THAT is the part where I feel overwhelmed and totally unmotivated. It's like I'm just trying to figure out where to squeeze in all the crap I don't really care about, but know I should hang onto. It's not nearly as fun as when you 1st start and you're putting useful things into organized places!
Not to mention that at this point you've been in the process of moving for weeks, and the idea of having to rearrange and find places for this stuff that doesn't take high priority is...well...sucky. Hang in there! And if you don't need it, consider just tossing it!! Or having a bonfire. That's almost always a viable solution. :)

Shawna said...

I'm sorry you're feeling blue. It is so hard to move and find a place for YOU. Good luck to you. You'll make your spot as time goes by. And if like me, you probably won't even realized it until it is time to move again!

Amy said...

It will get better. You guys are awesome and will meet new people. I really don't like moving and dealing with change,it's hard for everyone. The kids and I will be there the week of the 13-17th we'd love to see you guys.

marnee said...

I stumbled on your blog through one of my cousins (I think). I may not get over to visit you (despite being only 30 min away), but welcome to the "other" valley. I guess that's what the Thatcher (EAC) people would call it. Good luck getting a place for everything and everything in its place. Think of it this way, its the parenting that is more important than the fung shui. I'm positive you're doing an excellent job there!

Love, Marnee