My Family

My Family

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cards Galore

In the midst of my move, I've found minutes here and there to squeeze cardmaking in.
It's been a great outlet for my frustrations and stress levels in the midst of this move.
Here are some of my creations over the past few months:
This card is much more sparkly in person. Crystal effects+glitter=shiny, sparkly effects. The stamp set and paper set match...I love that!

This shows a little more of the "matching paper" to the stamp set above.
Stampin' Up! just got the full heart punch too...and I wanted to play with that.

This was the card I gave my girls on Valentine's Day.
I had a friend (Rachelle Allen) ask if we could make cards for our kids that week, and I was happy to oblige.
I really needed a day "off" just to decompress.
This was the card that my boys got on Valentine's Day.

This card shows a "texturz plate" run through the Big Shot die-cutting machine.
The roses are raised...not stamped, and then run through ink.
It's very cool to see in person, and even looks really good without ink on it.
I LOVE these little corduroy buttons.
There is a faint pink stamped all over the white...even when you see it in person it's a subtle effect.
I opened a "Simply Sent" card kit that come with everything you need to make 9 was fun to pump out a lot of cards all in one sitting.

I finished making the cards I had left from this "Simply Sent" card kit I had opened and used part of before.
This little brad in the corner is what I wanted to show on this card.
I love this quote too.
It reminds me of my dear friend Susan who always said, "Life too short. Don't wait to...."
Now that she's passed away, I work hard to make sure I'm enjoying the present.

This card uses the new eyelet border punch...which I love.
Pat got a card like this on Valentine's day.
I'll be back again soon with a non-card blog, and in the future, I'll put my cards on my stamping blog.
See you around!


Jamie said...

These are so cute! I especially love the top two. I don't know if I like the roses inked, but I can see it as background paper- very subtle, but very elegant. It's a really cool idea!

Half Tempted said...

You are gifted . . .

Sandy said...

I can't decide which card is my favorite. I like them all for different reasons. The first two cards are so "Spring" and full of color, the "Don't put off till" card - love the soft colors and simplicity, the boy's valentine are usually my colors of choice-bold. Ok, I'll stop as this is too long! I see your scrap space behind the Simply Sent cards which makes me want to see what you've done with the space in the new house...hint, hint for pics!

Shawna said...

Amazing how craftng help's us be nicer people isn't it? What is your stamping blog address?

Chandra said...

You are utterly amazing do you find the time to do this....the cards are Gorgeous!!!

MEJ said...

LOVE all of your cards. I made about 50 while watching Conference this weekend. It's about the only time I make them, but it keeps my stock up. :)