My Family

My Family

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Varied Randomness

A: General Conference was wonderful. I loved the talks from our leaders, and the inspiration that always fills my heart and my home when I listen, watch and then try to not only hear what was said, but put it into action also. My favorite talk was Elder Holland's. He bore witness that they are angels still. I KNOW that it true doctrine, and even more importantly, it makes me want to follow those promptings I receive so that I can bless the lives of others.

B: If last week encompassed the avoidance of housework, this week would have to be an example of fully embracing and desiring to make a difference in my home. I've been digging out my craft room for a few days, moving furniture around, and feeling quite efficient...even if it's not all the way finished.

C: Does anyone have any tricks for keeping kids shoes from disappearing? We do pretty well most of the time (the kids only have 1 pair of tennis shoes for school though), but when a pair comes up missing, it's a bit of a problem. We have some random pairs of hiking boots and/or "girly" shoes, but when 3 of the 5 school kids have had to wear those other options in the past week, it speaks of the need for a new system. Maybe I'll just have them line them up by the door the night before. We've done that in the past, and it worked ok...I just need to get back on top of it!

D: I LOVE cardmaking. I've gone to bed and dreamed about it the past couple of nights. I've also woken up thinking about it. I'll be posting a slew of creations at my card blog soon, so check it out if you'd like inspiration, or even just to see what I've been up to.

E: Pat and I have been taking a ballroom dancing class on Friday nights. We've learned the foxtrot, the eastern swing, the "slow" dance, and the cha-cha. This Friday will be our last class and we'll be learning the waltz. We've wanted to take a ballroom dancing class since we were newlyweds, so this has been wonderful.

F: Even if Isaac has mastered climbing the table, he's still winning my heart with that smile. (And the introduction to watermelon went REALLY well).

G: It definitely is fall here in Silver City. The morning and evening air has a chill to it, and it just doesn't get quite as warm during the day. I'll be watching for the leaves to change soon. We'll also be starting the pellet stove soon...and that means all of the kids will huddle around it every morning, squeezing into the spaces that the heat reaches the most effectively. I really and truly love the sound and feel of a fire (even if it is a pellet stove!) in our home.

H: I'm signing off for now from this random post. Have a great day!


bec said...

Lucky is so big! (awwwwhh) and that smile of his is aDORable!!
Great job on the housework (you rock)...and I loved conference, too. But missed being with you!

Deannie said...

Hey Kristine,
I can't believe you guys take ballroom dance classes. I've been wanting to do that forever!!! I don't know if Ryan would be as willing as Pat though. Maybe someday.

Jamie said...

What a great smile!!! We have a shoe box in the closet where the kids are allowed their crocs and tennis shoes only. I can't tell you how many times I've said "Not my problem" when they whine about not finding shoes. I think one had to go in his church shoes for gym once, so they've gotten a little better at remembering to put their shoes away.

Susan said...

Oooo, I'm so jealous of your dance class!
And, I'm making your cinnamon rolls right now! They're baking and they smell so good - and it made me think of you! Miss you!

Sandy said...

Love that baby!

Kristine said...

I am so glad that lucky is in our family. He is so cute.