My Family

My Family

Monday, October 20, 2008

More Pictures

It's fun to look back at these pictures.

This boy will turn 8 tomorrow!

This girl is growing up too fast.
Looking at something Auntie Becca is showing them.
A really fun series of shots of little Isaac.

My sistah.
I love her.


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Tiny! And Miss M looks so much like Bug in that picture (not that a sister wants to hear that she looks like her brother or anything).

bec said...

Happy 8th Birthday, T!! I love you!

Love the pictures, do I miss you all!

Susan said...

"Tiny" can't really be turning 8 can he? That's great! He is such a sweetie! Post some baptism pictures! (well, you know, not the actual baptism part, but maybe a before shot!)

us plus 5 said...

wow my old friend :o) i can't believe you have all these children i have never met, it has been forever since we last saw each other maybe in this crazy blogging world we can get caught up. your children are beautiful!!! latisha

Amy said...

Very nice. Everyone looks great. Hope he had a great day.