My Family

My Family

Monday, September 22, 2008

City of Rocks

About 30 minutes from our little town there is a state park known as "City of Rocks". If we ever want a fun place for a picnic, or are looking for a quick day trip, this is often our destination.
On Saturday evening, we headed out there with Uncle Oliver and Auntie Laura for an evening picnic. These pictures capture just a little of the size of the rocks.
The kids climb EVERYTHING...and I've never seen one of them hesitate.
I become a nervous wreck once it starts to get dark though...I have visions of the kids misstepping off of a boulder and us having to rush to the hospital.
I love this photo of Isaac's feet and Pat's hands.
I'm trying to make sure I get pictures taken of myself whenever we are taking pictures.
This one is of Laura and Isaac and me.
This picture of Oliver is one of my favorite pictures of the evening.

It was absolutely wonderful to get away with Pat's brother and his wife!
The kids have already asked when we're headed back.
Anyone up for a visit? (We'll throw in a trip out to the City of Rocks too!)


Anonymous said...


Those pics make me a toinch bit homesick...or a lot!

You look honkin cuteness my dear!


Real said...

Seriously? We were invited to City of Rocks for a Memorial Day camping trip one year. It was the pits! No trees for shade anywhere and it was hot! hot! hot! Just rocks and scrub brush. Our campsite didn't have water or even an outhouse. So we had to go 2 miles away to pump our own water and a mile away just to have the privelege of using an outhouse.

Not my idea of a fun place for family. Not to mention, the only activity was rock climbing--which we don't do.

But if you like it, more power to you!

dawninga said...

Well, as you know... I LOVE City of Rocks! Kevin asks me all the time when we can go camping there! By the way, I love your hair! It looks so good long, now I know why Kristi was sad when you cut it!

Courtney White said...

How fun. You know, I've never been. Marvin and I will have to take the kids one of these days.

Jamie said...

One of the last times I was at the City of Rocks, it was July and I was going on my 8th month of pregnancy. Not a good time to go, lol. It was really neat to see, though.

bec said...

I LOVE that you're in the picts, LOVE the City of Rocks, and LOVE that you take your family there often!!
And you look fantastic!! :)