My Family

My Family

Monday, June 02, 2008

May, I Pass.

It is shocking to me that it is June already.
I started May with a very clear head...thinking that THIS May...things would stay sane and that I would end the month with my head still attached.
I even snuck in a few lunches out with my favorite men...Pat included.
I actually did make it through the last day of school and the parent-teacher conferences without incident. Emily's 5th grade sock hop. Bekah's kindergarten celebration...making a face at Stephen as he took her picture.

It wasn't until I was destressing at my bi-monthly scrapbooking party (that I am not in charge of) that I started feeling a bit odd.
I was quite nauseous and dizzy, and actually started worrying about being able to drive home safely.
After I botched a project (fixable, but still...teaching papercrafting is what I do to make extra money!), I knew I was sick...and I grabbed my stuff and headed home.
I went straight to bed...and ended up there or flat on the couch for 5 (yes, FIVE) days.
It was miserable to say the least.
Needless to say, I was VERY grateful to finally receive a priesthood blessing on Monday evening and wake up well on Tuesday morning.
I truly consider it a miracle...and felt truly blessed to have been healed.

Tuesday morning I had a tooth extracted.
(Did you know root canals can fail? They can.)

The rest of the week sped by...and today we're already into June.
Here are a few pictures recapping some events this month!Isaac wanting to be outside with all of the other kids.Pat and the kids on the Memorial Day hike. (I was still sick at the little boys stayed home and napped while everyone else hiked the ridge behind our house.)

These "jumping" pictures showed up when we downloaded the most current pictures. I'm guessing the kids entertained themselves by jumping from the furniture (GROWL) while I was sick. It's really funny to me that they took pictures of themselves...
I'll be back soon.


Amy said...

YAY new pictures ! Sorry you were SO sick . It's hard when us mom's go down. Glad you're feeling better. Oh the kiddos are CUTE as ever. You're baby is getting big. What a doll. Tell the family we say "HELLO" .

Jamie said...

Glad you're feeling better and love the pictures!
I think I'm still in shock that we survived the last week of school, lol.
I had just read another blog right before yours that had his tooth extracted because the dentist said that he could do a root canal but it would only delay the extraction, so I did know they could fail (of course, that'll be the only thing I know today with my luck).

Kor said...

Kris, I really like your hair in the first picture. It's totally different than the last time I saw you.
Glad you are better. I hope your summer is fantastic!
Love to all,

SalGal said...

Wow, I'm sorry you went through all that! I know all too well that root canals can fail. My dental work could send a few kids to a state university for 4 years!