My Family

My Family

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vacation Visit

The last day of Christmas vacation, we headed out to Pat's work to have lunch with him.
I decided to document the visit with pictures.
I feel that too many times we bypass the pictures when things are important for "event pictures".
I've been trying to document more of our everyday going-ons...just so that we'll remember some of the things that we have done.

I love that man. A rare portrait of the two of us.
Stephen and Emily leaving their mark on Dad's white board. Everyone had to have a turn drawing on this board.

There was a work vehicle seat stashed in the back corner of Pat's office. It made the perfect seat for the kids to eat their lunch on. Isaac's tongue is hanging out quite often now. I think he likes how it feels.


Coleen said...

Mom says my tongue hungout for most of my babyhood - It's genetic, sorry.

Jamie said...

The whiteboard was always a hit when we visited Perry, too. I think the kids looked forward to that more than dad (sorry honey!).

kodiak73 said...

nice tounge, he got coleen's and my tongue. With any luck he will be able to fold it backwards as Coleen is the only other person I have met that can do this besides myself.

As for the whiteboards, yeah the kids loved it. Just don't keep the non-dryerase markers anywhere near it when the kids come... trust me, I know... trust, no need to verify!

Amy said...

What a CUTE bunch of kiddos. It was good to hear from you. Love to look at your posts.


Kari said...

My kids love to go into my dh's work. I rarely take them all though, because my 5 can make quite a rucus in an ordinarily quiet office.

How fun for you and the kids to go and have lunch with Dad!!