My Family

My Family

Monday, January 28, 2008


The bravado is gone.
Remember the post Just Call Me...Fed-Ex?
I can no longer claim that I have never gotten stuck in the mud on our road!
After 4 1/2 years of driving our road, I had the humiliation and embarassment of actually getting the van stuck in the mud (in the end, up to my back axle) this morning.
I so wanted to take a picture...just to share the visual image with all of you...but alas...I decided that it truly wasn't a priority.

I had already headed out once to the bus stop to take my oldest to the early bus for middle school, and knew that one particular portion of the road was nastier than usual.
(We have had ongoing road work that has changed the dynamics of our road.)
On the way to take the elementary school kids to the bus, I decided to hug the inside of a curve...not thinking that it had been recently "built up" by the people working on our road.
I sunk in pretty deep...and knew I was stuck, but held out some hope that I might be able to get out by rocking the van or backing it up.
I made it about 8 feet back on my own, and then I actually had a man stop to help me, and was able to back up about 10 more feet with his guidance.
At that point though, we were both certain I was stuck for good.
The back driver's side tire was dug in so far that the bumper was on the ground.

We weren't too far from home, so I got all the kids out...Bekah on my back (she was in nice school pants that would have been ruined by the mud), Samuel in my arms (no shoes on that boy)...Thomas and Nathan walking, and Emily holding Isaac.
I got the two I had home and went back up the road to get Isaac.
Once everyone was situated here, I headed back up the road to wait at the van until Pat could come pull the van out with the trusty 'Burban.

It was a quick job to pull the van out once it was hooked up.
It still a slippery road...but I know now which part of the curve to stay away from!
Thanks to my husband who truly rescued me today!
Here's to adventure!


Jamie said...

Glad you got unstuck! I live in constant fear of locking my keys in the car or something happening to the tires and Perry being an hour away. I think the car dying in the middle of the road at Christmas scarred me for life.

Amy said...

NOT so fun ! I'm glad hubby saved the day. LOVE those moments . Have a better day.