My Family

My Family

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sunday, Sunday!

On any given Sunday, we try to find meaningful ways to spend the hours before our 1pm church.
Here's what was happening this past Sunday morning:

Pat and Bekah prepping vegetables for a most delectable dinner in the crockpot.
Stephen helped with that too! (Thanks so much guys...dinner was delicious!)
Emily reading one of our Christmas books. We put them away at the end of every Christmas season so they are new every year. Thomas...with another of the Christmas books. Sam, partially dressed and playing with Little People by the light of a little lighted Christmas tree. He played like this for about 45 minutes. Isaac swinging away in the swing Ray and Elena Baker gave us when we were visiting over Thanksgiving! He loves it!Nathan and I...just hanging out before the last hour before we leave. That's a self-portrait too...
Here's hoping your Sunday was a good one!


Gabriela said...

I kind of like 1 o'clock church. we have 9 o'clock right now. It makes fast Sunday's kind of hard.

I packed up our Christmas books (and DVD's) last year too and am seeing the same results!

SalGal said...

This will be us next month!

It's funny, that church block thing. Last year, I was really upset we were changing to 9:00 church. I am SO not a morning person! But now, I am not looking forward to 1:00 church! It's in the way of my day!

Funny how we can be about these things!