My Family

My Family

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quick Recap

It's silly that I don't have more pictures to share...but the weather was drizzly and wet almost the whole time, and I kept thinking it would clear for me to take "better" pictures.
I will know better another time, and just take pictures no matter what the weather is.

We left home Tuesday evening and drove to Flagstaff, AZ.
We stayed overnight in a hotel there...Ramada Inn (Grand Canyon West, I believe).
Honestly, it was a very nice hotel, at a reasonable price.
The breakfast was good, and the entire hotel was non-smoking, which meant no residual smells coming from anywhere.

We were up early on Wednesday morning, made a quick dash into Wal-Mart to pick up some forgotten or misplaced items, and were on our way.
We had planned to stop in Manti, UT on our way for a temple session, and made good time in getting there.
We ended up missing the 3:30pm session, so we ate an early dinner in the cafeteria there...yum!, and then went to the 4:30pm session.
The people in Manti were just about the friendliest temple workers I have ever encountered.
After the session, we were able to see the spiral staircases that are no longer used by the public, and enjoyed the history of the temple and the area surrounding it.
We then made a beeline for the Provo, Pleasant Grove, American Fork area, and got settled in our respective homes where we were staying.
(My feet were hurting so bad by the time we left Manti...a result of traveling long distances at 27 1/2 weeks pregnant!)

Thursday morning, my mom and I woke up early...Mom made a fabulous breakfast for both of us, and we headed out in the persistent rain for BYU.
Just as a reminder to myself, it is good to MapQuest anywhere you are going...regardless of how familiar you think you are with the area!
We were a bit concerned about getting to Women's Conference on time...but made it with just a little time to spare.
We ended up sitting just above and to the right of some of the instant choir members...slightly embarrassing, but we lived through it.
It would have been nice to have that posted somewhere at the top of the stairs!
The first session was given by Wendy Watson Nelson...and was one of my favorites.
It will be part of the broadcast on BYUTV, so if you have the ability to watch that, do.
We then broke into mini-sessions where you could choose what you wanted to attend all over campus.
I went as quickly as possible to my first choice session, only to be told at the door that the seats were currently full.
I was disappointed, but I was also the 3rd one in line, and felt fairly confident with 30 minutes before the class started, I would get in.
I only waited a short period of time before they let me in (Yeah!), and I loved this session too.
The next two sessions were good, but not overwhelmingly inspirational to me.
I changed my 3rd session choice to one nearer the 2nd choice, just so I would be sure to make it into a class!
That afternoon, I was quite tired and chose to skip Brad Wilcox's message. (It will be rebroadcast too...and I will make sure to watch it then!).
I went with my mom to visit my favorite Aunt and Uncle...and that worked out perfectly.
We then headed back down to campus for our "luau dinner" and evening of service.
Mom and I were both tired enough that we headed out fairly early...but still didn't make it home until after 9pm.
I was surprised at my stamina...but definitely looked forward to crawling into bed that night!

(I'll continue with day 2 tomorrow....)


Papa J said...

You should have just joined the "insta-choir." So, if they are going to rebroadcast the whole thing, what was the pilgrimage for?

Kari said...

Yeah, I had that experience too, not getting into a class I really wanted. So I positioned myself well for the next class to be sure I could get in and we did!

The pouring rain prevented me from taking pictures too!

That is fun that you guys got a session in the Manti Temple! Didn't you do a session in the SLC temple too?

Sketchy said...

I would love to go through Manti, it just looks like such a beautiful temple. BYU women's conference sounds like something to put on my list of "someday Do this" too.