My Family

My Family

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Missing Sunday

I wasn't anxious to miss church today.
Bekah has had a fever since Thursday...low grade, nothing seemingly serious...but enough to make me feel guilt-ridden for debating giving her ibuprofen and taking her to church anyway.
When her temperature once again registered, (at 99.8 degrees), the decision was made.
Sam stayed home with us...simply because it was naptime and he usually sleeps through the majority of nursery anyway.
As soon as Pat and the 4 oldest kids headed out the door, Beks, Sam and I hit the bed.
I wasn't going to sleep...after all, although my back had been hurting all morning and radiating pain up into my head, I was NOT going to squander my 2 hours of pure solitude (and besides, I had snuck in a quick nap during the boys morning shower!).
That was at 1pm.
I was awake until 1:15pm, when the even breathing of my children next to me lulled me into my second nap of the day.
I woke up after about 30 minutes, and debated for a few minutes as to what I wanted to do.
I chose to sit down and make some cards, trying to focus on peace and reconnecting with myself.
While I did quite a bit, about 3pm, I found I was sweaty and a bit shaky...with a headache creeping back despite the 1 tylenol I had taken earlier.
Bekah and Sam woke up about 3:15pm, and I put in a movie and put my feet up in the recliner and put my head back.
I decided I have a little bit of a "bug" too.
Pat and the kids got home about 4:30pm, and at that point, I had to lay down.
I hate to reclude myself to the "sick room" and feel forgotten, so I made myself a bed on the couch and stretched all of the way out.
It wasn't too long before I was completely asleep again.
3 naps, within about 5 hours of each other...and that was on top of an excellent night's sleep.
It's not a bad illness...just aching and weakness and a semi-persistent headache.
It could be worse....
My biggest complaint is that Sunday, despite my best efforts, still felt quite a bit like every other day...and I like it to be different, special, and set-apart from the rest of the week.
I often say that I need Sunday to "refill my bucket" and give me the spiritual strength I need to get through the week ahead.
I know I can find that to some extent on my own, but for now, just let me miss Sunday.
It's just not the same...


SalGal said...

I know what you mean about it not being the same. I've often volunteered to stay home with the sickos, but now I find myself asking B if he wouldn't mind staying home with them. I must be a grownup now because I actually look forward to going to church and miss it very much when I can't or don't go.

I hope you are feeling well soon!

Kari said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon! Rest is good for you, afterall 6 kids and pregnancy
can take something out of a Momma!!