My Family

My Family

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Midnight Thunderstorm

It wasn't expected.
It was shocking, really, to be woken from a deep sleep by the rolling, intermittent thunder.
Lightning flashed across the sky...turning the darkness to momentary light.
Rousing me halfway from my sleep, I would become more alert each time the thunder clapped overhead.
In that state of illogicality, my biggest concern was that my visiting teachers would not be able to make it down my road today due to the muddy, slippery conditions.
It's funny now that I am fully awake (not rested...but awake) to think about what I worried about during the storm.

What worries you when you are woken unexpectedly in the middle of the night?


SalGal said...

Will I be able to go back to sleep (likely not)?

What am I doing tomorrow that I can skip over so I can get in a nap (probably nothing)?

Well, as long as I'm awake... should I get up and go to the store? Food 4 Less is open 24 hours. I should write a card. I need this and this and this the next time I go to Costco/Target/Raley's.

Papa J said...

I ususally start thinking about work the next day. Or how can I get my bed invader back to sleep.

Sarah said...

It's always the same thing. I think that someone I love must have died and I'm being woken up by higher powers. I always check the clock, note the time, and go back to sleep, fully expecting to receive a tragic phone call the next morning.

Nobody has died yet. I think I'm a tad crazy.

Denise said...

Was that a noise? Is someone in the house? Should I check on the kids? Should I take a bat with me? Should I wake dh and make him check? Will I ever get back to sleep? Will I be able to function tomorrow on 3 hours of sleep? Will I remember in the morning that I need to put the garbage by the curb and pick up the dry cleaning? Should I get up now and write it on the calendar? Why am I such a worrier?

Kari said...

Oh, I am so irrational in the middle of the night! I hate it when I'm awaken like that and worry needlessly and then I'm unrested the next day!!

Hope you get better sleep tonight!