My Family

My Family

Monday, April 09, 2007

An Easter Bouquet

This is a picture I snapped of the tulips that I bought for Easter.
Fresh flowers remind me of spring.
Tulips and lilies in particular, bring a special sort of spring-time sunlight into my home.

How grateful I am, at this beautiful time of year, for a springtime celebration of new life and resurrection.
I was called to fill in for Sharing time in Primary...and was a little concerned because I had so little time to prepare.
I shouldn't have worried.
The promptings I received allowed me to talk freely and effectively about some of the people who were around Christ on his last days.
Even the youngest children were extremely reverent and interested.
I ended by talking about how blessed we are to know this story, a true story, that gives us hope and vision for the future.
How grateful I am to have the opportunity to teach...the truth of Easter, and Christ's sacrifice and triumph.
It touched my heart again.


SalGal said...

I just saw "The Testaments..." last night for the first time. It was weird because I swear I've seen some of that footage before, but whatever.

The end though... when Helam meets the Savior? That's when the waterworks came on.

Papa J said...

I liked your sharing time too, but you've tainted my perception of my boots for the rest of my life.