My Family

My Family

Friday, March 24, 2006

Our Spring Break

It is amazing to me how much can be accomplished when people work together. This week has been my kids Spring Break. At the beginning of the week, I told the kids that we would do 1 big job every day, and then do something fun every day, in an effort to spice up a week here at home. Here's what we did:

Monday: Complete clean of the kids' rooms (under beds and dresser organization included)
*Bowling as a family*
Tuesday: Began work in the guest room, moved 3 dressers around, a couch and a desk as well as moving unwanted boxes to another room.
*Movies (rented)*
Wednesday: Organized and completed the guest room.
*Friends over for the afternoon*
Thursday: Cleaned kitchen (including washing cabinets) and adjoining rooms.
*McDonalds (Happy Meal!) and playplace*
Today: Finish the clean-up of the house, vacuum, and dust. Wash walls?
*Afternoon at the park*

Tomorrow we'll head off to go geocaching again. Yippee!
A very fun week in my opinion!

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