My Family

My Family

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Full Circle

This week Pat was offered a job 20 minutes from our home.
Considering the fact that there are only a few industrial plants who need Environmental Compliance services within a 30 mile radius, we consider this a tender mercy.
When we stop and think that he wasn't even searching for another job, and he was called up "out of the blue" by a high school friend, we'll even call it a miracle.
Last year, we weren't sure what we needed to stay in the area for, but the feeling was overwhelmingly strong and sure.
Now, Pat will regain 2 hours for certain in his day as his commute changes to minimal.
The only thing closer would be working from home, and for now, that is not our answer.
Trusting the Lord has brought us full circle.
What a blessed place to be.

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bec said...

:) Your family's collective and individual faith and courage are such an inspiration to me! It's awesome to look backward and see where the last year & a half has brought you all!! :) Hooray for full circles...they are such a wonderful thing to see and feel. God is certainly in the details, and all things are truly a blessing to those who love the Lord. :) Congrats on the wonderful changes, and thank you for being your amazing selves!! I'm so blessed to have you all in my life!