My Family

My Family

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hiking and Painting

On MLK day (Civil Rights Day), we all went on a hike into the San Tan Mountains near our new home in Queen Creek.
It was a beautiful for January, and even though the kids complained a good part of the way up, they were all glad we hiked on the way down.I snapped this picture as we were walking back to the car.
I thought it was beautiful.
Last Saturday, we spent the day painting 4 of the 7 rooms we want to get painted.
We had LOTS of help from my sister's friends (Thanks to ALL of you who came), and a sister from our ward came and helped out too.
I was VERY touched that so many people were willing to come and help out people they have just met.
What a blessing to get so much done.
This picture captures how I spent a lot of my day (multi-tasking). And...what happened when I sat down in a soft chair upstairs late that afternoon.


Shayla said...

Hi Kristine--looks like a fun hike and a busy day painting.

Shawna said...

hi Kristine, I found your blog on Rachel's blog. I am really enjoying it. I hope you don't mind if I come check it our regularly. Feel free to check mine out at

I'm excited for you moving back to AZ. I have thought many times I would like to do the same thing.

Sandy said...

Thank you! I needed a John Family pic fix! Did Lucy paint?

Susan said...

He's getting so big! It's good that you're painting now and getting it done and out of the way! We keep saying "next weekend" "next holiday" etc. and it seems like we'll never finish!

Chandra said...

Ah...that will be us this summer...painting pretty much the whole house. Thanks for the pics...the hike looked beautiful! Miss you guys

The Hansens said...

We were just in Queen Creek, for some reason it didn't click that moved there. We have some really good friends that live there. As a matter of fact we were in PHX for a week. However it looks like you have been quite busy. Sacrament meeting, especially fast Sundays aren't the same with out the John family. Miss you guys.

LDSteenager said...

Good work! More than half way there! Glad you're making that house a home!