My Family

My Family

Friday, February 22, 2008


Too much to do...
Too little time....

I've been
Traveling (1 expected and 1 unexpected trip in the past 2 weeks)
Stamping (for two parties), Reading (for a book club) Pride and Prejudice,

Cleaning (for sanity and health reasons),

Enjoying my 3! year old boy and 6 month! old baby.

Enjoying the snow (and not getting stuck!),

What have you been up to?


hollyhay said...

okay...that's the cutest card ever...cutest boys ever...cutest sister picture ever...and most "make me homesick for snow gosh darnit" picture ever!

Thanks for that happy post! Loved talking to you today! Sorry for the phone cut out-ness. It's driving me crazy!

Happy Friday! Enjoy your family weekend!

Jamie said...

Recovering from the flu, cub scouts, Brownies (took 10 of them to a things to know before you go camping day), recuperating after Perry was gone for a week (have a week to recover before he leaves again) and all the piano/karate/babysitting fun that goes with the territory.

Amy said...

How fun! The kiddos are getting big. Did you go anywhere fun? Love the pictures. Have a GREAT day !

bec said...

Thanks again for making time for me in your busy life and schedule. It was so, so much fun spending time o.n.a. (out-n-about) with you around town. You are one of my favorite people to make great memories with!