My Family

My Family

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I made the choice this spring that regardless of how tight our finances were or how hard I had to work, that I would find a way to get to the Stampin' Up! convention in Salt Lake City this summer.
My oldest daughter's 16th birthday was on the opening day of convention, so I had planned on flying up late that night after spending the day with her.
In early April, she decided to attend an all-girls conference called Time to Blossom during the week of her birthday.
She worked incredibly hard to earn money to pay for it our family budget constraints are definitely a hinderance to us paying for something like that outright.
Once I knew she was committed and wouldn't be home on her birthday, I felt no worries or concerns about leaving in time to be there for ALL of convention.
In the end, she had an AMAZING week and birthday, and I LOVED convention & all it taught me.

I have an AMAZINGLY supportive husband and family.
I am so grateful for them and how they provide strength, help and inspiration as needed.
I have gained some of my closest friends as we have stamped together, and I truly count my customers as my dear friends.
Both of these groups made it possible for me to go to convention this year...each "stamping penny" was put toward my plane ticket and the cost of registration, and my family "held down the fort" while I was gone.

I continue to be amazed that I am doing something I love so dearly.
Teaching others to find themselves...reconnect with their precious to me.
It's the true reason I do what I do.
I believe that women need opportunities to connect...and just create...and I have been given the tools to provide those opportunities for others.
What an incredible blessing...and NOT one I take for granted.

I learned that even in a group of 6,000 women, I am unique & have gifts and abilities that God needs me to use.
My goal is to listen to how He talks to me & my heart and then DO those things.
That's the hard part.

Ultimately, convention, for me, was about rediscovering myself all over again...and being happy with who I am and the path I am on.

Pretty worth the price of admission, wouldn't you say?

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Karen McB said...

Absolutely! Even in a group where I would normally think of myself as 'odd man out' I have found that the shared enjoyment of papercrafting, and the basic goodness of the ladies makes for very enjoyable "me" time. You are so creative, and so giving and so willing to share that it makes it fun for all of us! I'm so glad you got to attend the conference. I'm very lucky to count you as my talented friend. :)