My Family

My Family

Monday, April 18, 2011

Musings on Eight

I'm going to admit something here...something that might shock you a little bit.  
I purposefully throw out the fact that I'm about to give birth to my 8th child 
to random people sometimes just to see what their reaction is.  
I have to be totally honest though, quickly during any conversation, I usually turn part of the credit back to this guy...right here...
(and not just the physical responsibility for helping this child have the opportunity to come to our family).  
My husband is a loving, dedicated father who delights in being a part of each of our children's lives.  
He can tell when my fuse is short, when I need support or a break, and he doesn't treat being with us as a chore or a difficulty.  
I truly believe that if he were of a different mindset or temperament, 
we, as a couple would not have the family we do today.
Our children love each other, 
and while they have their normal sibling quarrels, disagreements and fights, 
               I believe they love each other fiercely and would defend each other if the need ever arose.
                       They find ways to hang out together and include everyone...some of the time.
                    And some of the time they crave independence and freedom from each other.
No matter what, they are all excited about the arrival of our newest little one...
set to arrive by May 3rd.
                  Wish us luck, an extra dose of patience, and lots of health, ok?  We need it!


johnsonteammom said...

Good luck!! You'll be great!! I can't wait for you to join the "It's great to have 8 club."

marnee said...

Kudos to Pat. :)

(and his folks if they had anything to do with his being that way)

Haws Diaries said...

May 3rd?! Wow that's so close, how exciting! You 2 make an adorable couple and one gorgeous family!

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Best wishes on getting your new little one here safely!