My Family

My Family

Saturday, January 16, 2010


*Updated family pictures make me incredibly happy.  I love replacing the older 8x10's on the shelf with the current pictures.  I also like that I can really capture my kids and their personality when I take the pictures myself.

*That being said, it was an INCREDIBLE amount of work to get 7 kids photographed individually this year.  I found everyone was pretty much done/frustrated/bugging each other like crazy by the time we tried to do a family shot, and so I don't have a family photo I love...but I do have one that will suffice.

*Creative funks are not fun.  I must be carded-out from Stampin' Up! overload last week.  That and I cleaned my house this week instead of crafting.  That and napping.  If I didn't have to sleep, I think I'd get a lot done.

*I need to make some cute things for my upcoming parties.  Valentines day, pink and red and white and brown things with sparkles.  (I've got the color I just need the ideas!)  I thought one idea I got last weekend would work, but it just didn't quite work the way I thought it would.  It was a little too complicated to replicate in a short amount of time.  Back to the drawing board.

*A laptop computer makes it WAY easier to use the computer more than ever.  I feel the need for intervention of some sort.  Not that it will happen, but I do feel that need every now and again.

*IKEA is a blessing.  In every way.  I LOVED going in with a plan tonight and getting everything I needed to execute that plan shopping in one small area.  No overwhelming window-shopping on the upper level this time...straight to the laundry section...load up the cart and head for the checkout lanes.  Organized laundry room/ I come!!

*I hope my well-planned laundry system works.  I'm so utterly frustrated with the current system, that I can't imagine anything being WORSE.  We'll see how effective it is.  I should know within  a week or two.

*I am subbing in Sunbeams tomorrow.  I should go to bed so I don't nod off on the other teacher as she tries to corral a roomful of 3 year olds.  (Church is at 8...I was not insinuating that the teacher would be boring!)

*I LOVE ANWA (American Night Writers Association).  We had a meeting here on Thursday night, and I feel very blessed to have a group of LDS sisters that love writing too.  I feel like I'm doing more than just burying my talent when I attend these meetings...even if it's just recognizing that God-given talent and choosing to help others acknowledge it as well.  (Anyone want to join?)

*Maybe my next post won't just be random ramblings.  Maybe. Don't hold your breath.  Hey, at least I'm blogging. :)


MnM said...

Hey Kristine! The pictures look fabulous. You guys do a GREAT job. I'll add you to my blog friend list. Mine is

Anonymous said...

Hello dear heart!

You are blogging again! So fun to check up on you! LOVE the new pics and might I are BEAUTIFUL! I love that pic of you. You made me smile with your random post, right up my alley. :) I am SOO jealous that you got to go to IKEA! I'm dying to see your new laundry system! Take pictures for us and blog about it! I love new organization ideas. love your guts!

Anonymous said...

If the laundry organizing ends up working out I would love some tips! I'm up to my...well, let's just say it's a mess! :-)