My Family

My Family

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Haunted Canyon

Saturday afternoon, Pat needed to head into work due to heavy rainfall.
(He has to monitor how the rain impacts the mine, etc. within a certain number of hours of the actual rainfall).
Since we knew the drive up and back was an hour each way, and the monitoring of the job site would be another hour or two, we decided to head up to a family, making it feel less like an afternoon that Daddy had to go to work, and more like a famiy outing.
We planned a family picnic, and while Pat was on the job site, I drove into town to pick up the rest of the essentials for our cookout.
Right after we had loaded the groceries into the car, Pat called and said he was finishing up at his work and to head back to pick him up.
We did just that, and headed into Haunted Canyon below both mines in that area.
After driving down into Haunted Canyon, we pulled off and found a peaceful area, perfect for a cookout and fun.
The first order of business was to build a fire.
Twigs were gathered for the fire, and then the kids lined up to spend time on the swing.
Give a boy a stick (or two) and it becomes any number of imaginary items.
Nathan quickly had two sticks on his person and used them in many different ways. Oh, yes...give a boy a lighter, and he has a toy forever as well.
As long as it's not treated as a toy, I can understand the fascination it holds.
I love staring into a looks like Stephen does too. Again, just fire and sticks...entertainment for the whole evening!
Thomas thinks this picture looks like there is a ghost (the smoke)..."because it's Haunted Canyon!"

This boy LOVED running around and getting dirty. I couldn't resist a couple of nature shots.
I love the outdoors.
I did find that I need to keep my short lens on when taking the nature shots though...the telephoto lens did not focus up close...
Our hike/walk took us down the creekbed.
We were hoping for a little water, but didn't see any at all. Another nature shot...I was surprised to see the leaves starting to change.
It doesn't feel like fall here yet.

Emily was so excited to climb this tree!
She'd live in one if I let her.
It was rather disappointing to find this trunk covered with ants.
She quickly headed down and told her siblings not to climb up.
Sam actually posed and didn't make funny faces for a couple of minutes...I was happy to catch a shot of him outside. The swing quickly became our focus after returning to the picnic site.
Thomas took the log seat off and used the ropes as individual foot holders.
All of the kids ended up in this position after their spin/swing. Bekah's fingers got pinched in the ropes as she was swinging.
Once the seat was replaced we had a few less tears.
These pictures make my heart happy.
There is nothing quite like a swing in a secluded, shade-covered valley.
I had to have Pat take at least one picture to document that I was there too.
Sam is loving sitting on our laps again, and I'm working very hard to be patient and enjoy that rather than get frustrated because I have other expectations of what I want to get done.
I just remind myself that holding him when he wants held is one of the most important jobs I have, hands down (and sometimes it is just as important to hold him even when he doesn't want held).

And finally, our "silly" family picture.
We have another one that turned out a little nicer, but this one was fun...

Happy Labor Day!
Enjoy your family...


Amy said...

Looks like fun was had by all. The kids are getting so big and what a great fun family picture.

johnsonteammom said...

We want to go to the Haunted Canyone sometime! Sounds like lots of fun.

Tressa said...

That looks like so much fun!

bec said...

You guys find the funnest places!! And how random - and incredibly fun - that there was a swing to play on!! Thanks for taking picts and sharing them - it's great to experience a little bit of the fun you have!

(and I'm happiest about there being a picture of YOU in there!!) I'm a firm believer that there should be frequent pictures of the author in blogs.

Anonymous said...

This made me smile! Thanks for sharing your family with us! Sorry about our super short, super random conversation gets crazy, but know I love you!
Have a happy day and give your kiddos smooches from us!

Sandy said...

Nice pics, fun day, great family! Thanks for sharing.