My Family

My Family

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Netflix, Anyone?

We love Netflix.
Besides the movies you can rent and get delivered to your doorstep, you can also watch movies instantly on your computer.
We never have late fees on our movies.
We can keep them as long as we want.
There are literally thousands to choose from.
I'll e-mail you a free month link if you leave a comment below stating that you'd like to try it.
(If you join, we get a "bonus" rental!)
Otherwise...consider your options next time you're running to the video store 10 minutes before closing time.


kodiak73 said...

We have been using Blockbuster Online for a while now. We don't have the downloadable movies but we do trade in the mailed movies for free in-store rentals as well. We haven't been using it nearly as much since we got our Wii though. One thing the kids do love is the monthly coupon we use for a free in-store game rental. We are getting a new cable package this month though and will probably drop the service as a result...

Anonymous said...

We've been considering NetFlix for quite a while. Does it cost very much to get movies sent to the computer? I didn't know they did that. Do they have educational documentaries? Please send me the free trail info.
Heather P.

Real said...

We have watched so many movies/shows on our computer with Netflix. It's so easy. We just need more comfy computer chairs...

SalGal said...

Me & Netflix are like this --> X (that's my super-tight crossed fingers)!!!

I lost the ability to watch online when I switched from IE7 to Firefox, and I am NOT happy about it.

I went to Hollywood Video last night to get my free birthday rental, and I was so upset to see that you had to pay for each individual disc of "24"! That just seems like a crime.