My Family

My Family

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I want to write something inspiring.
I've been waiting for over a week, hoping to come up with something that is fun and insightful.

It's not happening.
But we're here, well into our second week of school, mucking out the house...trying to get it really clean (does that EVER happen with 9 people in one house?).

How are your back to school plans/adventures going?


Real said...

Ahhhhhhhh! Run away! Run away!

"Back to School" is my spring cleaning and New Year's all packed in one tight little bundle. I have to have everything organized, clean and scheduled before school begins or I FREAK out about everything.

We aren't there yet. I have the weekend.

Susan said...

Since we've been living with dave's brother's family, caroline has gotten very close to her cousins and was so sad the first day of school when she was the only one left behind! But now she loves walking them to and from the bus stop!

kodiak73 said...

Inspired enough to leave you a comment. Is that good enough? Of course I'm out of town on a business trip so my kids are celebrating my absence with the fact they get to sleep with mom...

Jeppson clan said...

hey you...we found a really cute preschool for both Ethan and Alexis to attend! Both begin next week. How are you guys doing.

SandyM said...

Happy Happy is the day when the kids go off to school today! Enjoy your time with the sweet ones who get left behind.