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My Family

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1 Layout, 5 Cards

One of the fundamental elements in cardmaking (or scrapbooking) is the layout.
I have often said that creating the layout is the hardest part of the papercrafting process.
I wanted to show off a few of my most recent/favorite cards, and pinpoint the fact that they all use the same basic layout:

Basic cardstock (layer 1)
2nd strip of cardstock or designer paper
Embellishments (Bling, flowers, ribbon, etc)
Some use more layers of cardstock or designer paper...and all but one have minimal stamping (the one with the glittered heart only uses actual stamping on it)

This bottom one is my favorite. This satin ribbon makes everything look good!!

I've submitted it to Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration #7! If you haven't ever seen her blog...go there NOW! She ROCKS!! (

Happy stamping (and browsing)!

P.S. Perry, this was especially for you... :)...'cause you are man enough to admit you don't mind looking at my cards! What a brother-in-law! If only Jamie were closer to stamp with.


kodiak73 said...

Nice cards! The bottom one is my favorite as well. The rivet and design go well with ribbon. I also like the watermark like design on the base card. My only question is is the wording. When exactly do you give a "kind" card? When someone has been kind to you when someone needs to be reminded to be kind? The subliminal message could be "Be nice or I am going to pin you down, tie you up, and brand you!" or maybe I am trying to read too much into it... ;o)

P.S. Thanks for the shout out, I'll be getting back to my manly things now.

Amy said...

OOOOHHH VERY nice. I love making cards. I wish I had more time to sit and make them. What a talent you have. How fun! Hope everyone is well.

Jamie said...

Perry's awesome with ideas- he's my go to man when I have a cake to do. He'd be a really valuable asset if I were closer.

MEJ said...

Way cute cards! I agree that coming up with the layout is the hardest thing. That's why I love copying other people's layouts. :)