My Family

My Family

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My First

It felt great.
Amazing even.
I'd love to do it again.
(What are you thinking??!)

It was my first pedicure sillies.
Now I have sexy feet.


Gabriela said...

Your toes look great! I need a pedicure.

Sarah said...

I still can't relax enough to accept the idea of someone pampering my feet! It's like paying someone to chew on my nasty socks - why would they want to do that??

But your toes do look great! Love the matching do :)

Sally that Grrl said...

Ok I am completely LAUGHING MY A$$ OFF because I could've sworn I clicked on the link for my brother's blog. At first I was thinking, "Ok, he's secure enough in his manhood for a pedicure, good for him!"

And then I read the post below about the sister and I was like, "Am I missing something here???"

Then I realized where I was.

WOO HOO, I Need a nap!