My Family

My Family

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Traditions

What is your favorite Christmas tradition and why?


Sally that Grrl said...

My favorite Christmas tradition is a new one...

My grandmother passed away this year, and I got to have a few of her things as we were packing up her apartment. When I was a child, the thing I remember best about her home at Christmastime is this ceramic tree with different colored bulbs on it that lit up when you turned on the lamp inside. I got to have this lamp and now my new favorite tradition is "decorating" the tree with all its little bulbs and Honey putting on the star before we light it up!

Heather said...

Where to start? I'm such a Christmasy person that we have lots of Christmas traditions. Pinpointing my favorite is impossible.
1.) Celebrating my husband's Christmas birthday.
2.) Having hot chocolate and Christmas tree bread.
3.) Making each of my children a handmade gift.
4.) Making everyone in the family a pillowcase.
5.) Reading the Polar Exress with hot chocolate ("as thick and rich as melted chocolate bars") and cookies.
6.) Dragging out the opening of presents and making it last all day long.
7.) Decorating, decorating, and decorating.
8.) Baking loads of goodies.
9.) Staying in our jammies all day on Christmas day and the next.
10.) Getting a remember ornament ever year. I love the Hallmark commercial where the little boy tells his life story to his classmates using ornaments. Makes me cry everytime.
11.) I love nativities so my family gets me one every year for Christmas.
12.) Listening to Westin play Christmas music for us on his cello.
13.) Watching Christmas movies esp. "Borrowed Hearts."

Those are my favoritest traditions. Are you going to share your favorite tradition with us?

Jamie said...

I love listening to the Christmas music. In fact, I'll pop some in right now.
I also love telling the stories of all the ornaments and the loved ones who gave them to us. We were kind of rushed this year and didn't really take the time I wished we had (that and the baby was very desireous to help out and wanted them coming fast and furious, lol).

And now for something completely different- how are you liking the beta version?

Dawnyel said...

I love visiting family and friends who I rarely see anyway.
I love hearing Christmas songs.
I love seeing the lights and decorations.
I love reading more about Christ's birth.
I love Christmas morning when we open presents and have a warm HEALTHY breakfast! (Something my MOM started...she didn't want us binging on junk that came from our stockings, so Christmas was one of 2 days of the year she'd MAKE us breakfast!)
Aww...I love the whole thing! BRING IT ON! :)

Sarah said...

My family has a strange little tradition of putting trash magazine in the stockings (stuff like National Inquirer, The Star, Soap Digests, whatever you'd never read otherwise). We do the stockings first and everyone reads their funny articles to everyone else (batwing boy and dogface girl get married) and it's a fun way to slow down the morning before hitting the presents under the tree.

The first year I was married my husband just didn't get it but after six years, he's got to have his Inquirer!

Perry said...

There were only two traditions from my childhood that meant enough to me to carry over as a MUST DO in my adult life. The toothpick dinner on Christmas Eve and the from scratch cinniman rolls on Christmas Morning. When Caleb is old enough and if I ever live in a snowy climate again I might bring back Pat's and my unique snow angel tradition again...

Coleen said...

It is definately the Toothpick Dinner on Christmas Eve (we have had as many as 28 to our home for it - this year we will be 4) Another tradition for the past 11 years has been the Messiah-Sing-In at Symphony Hall. This year was Nelson's first - I think he was a bit overwhelmed but gave it his all on the Hallejulla(?) Chorus, Michael does a nice rendition himself.