My Family

My Family

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cheesy...but Infectious

When I need to smile, I pull up some of our pictures.
These make my heart happy.

Things are interesting around here...
Our van goes to the shop today,
I'm headed out of town again for a couple of days,
and scheduled for an MRI on Monday to try and pinpoint the cause of my dizziness.

Remember that I said that things had calmed down around here?
I spoke too soon.
It's chaotic...but we'll make it through, as long as there are reasons to smile.

I can think of at least 6 little ones and 1 big one...(my DH)!
Here's to infectious smiles...


Téa said...

Those smiles are definitely catching--take care while you're out of town.

Amanda said...

Yes, they are catching and so adorable. May you have a few none chaotic moments. :D

Anonymous said...

Cherish the chaos. You will one day sit in a rocking chair with warm memories of these days.

Paper Diet Books said...

I love all the stripes!! (and, of course, the smiles!). Happy family. :-)

Sarah said...

That first picture of your two girls still has me grinning!