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My Family

Monday, November 06, 2006

Any Ideas?

I've committed to doing a craft fair again with my cards at the end of November.
Although our cards did all right, we found that the few gift ideas we had out on the table sold like crazy.
So, my questions to you are:
Do you have any quick/easy-ish gift ideas for a Christmas-time craft show?
If you do have an idea that you are willing to share, can I use it?
If so, have you sold it before, and if so, for what price?
Do you know of any websites with good ideas on them?


Téa said...

No ideas here, sorry. I can still give you a cheer or two along the way though.

Karina said...

Use some the ideas and layout of the hot cakes and trasfer them to your christmas style ones. Also do cards for the other holidays, or cards that just say "Happy holidays." I'm younger then you and I don't know if my advice counts....but if you want to use it, GREAT!

bec said...

It's been about 15 years since I first saw & loved metal words. Let me explain. Something as simple as tire wire, twisted into a saying such as "Hope" "Faith" "Family" etc. I don't know how feasible it is, but I've seen some really neat things created.

Also - our ward recently did a Live Laugh Love wall hanging which was beautiful & cost $8 to make...they unfortunately didn't call me to make the thing (grr) but I could easily see it being sold for $15 or more. I'll see if I can get more details on it - it was wood & glass.

Decoupage isn't all that popular right now, and you could make some beautiful crafts (candles & glassware especially) with pictures from old church magazines, catalogs, etc. & some simple finishing touches (ribbon, raffia, etc)

Anonymous said...

I have no ideas of my own, but I have a friend who is working on this same type of thing. She is making some of those mixes in canning jars, and some cute fleece-tie pillows.

Beefy said...

How about fibers and fun craft supplies for making their own cards? Card making kits? Since you're in the line of business anyway . . . Then stamp the back with handmade by _________ so they feel like they made it all themselves - people love that feeling.