My Family

My Family

Monday, September 25, 2006

Blog Jumping

My sister blogged.
She amazes me.
If you've got the time...check it out...and remember, her marriage has just fallen apart.
And she still has the tenacity and vision to share what is in her heart and what she is learning with all of us.

She rocks.


Dawnyel said...

What a strong, powerful example your sister is to all of us. Here she is, going through some pretty serious life-altering stuff, and she's encouraging all of us to be the best us we can. I'm so impressed! Give your sister a hug from all of us! :)

Gabs said...

She sounds wonderful. What an attitude to have at a time like this. I second dawnyel: give her a hug from your online friends!

Téa said...

Wow. That last part really hit me, as someone who's struggling with finding any good coming with some personal trials...

"I can't say the price was worth it, to realize and gain all this - that isn't even the right way to perceive this situation.
I can & will, though, say that it is the greatest consolation prize ever received for having lost so much.
Don't take it for granted."

Thanks for linking to it.

Kristi Brooke said...

i read some of your sister's post and i think i have met her twin in TN. what a wonderful spirit.

I have a great halloween craft i will be putting on for you to make during conference with your kids. i am glad you enjoy the blog.
have a great day